Holistic Approach to SEO

You have a new website. That’s great but can people find it? Google search does not work the way a phone book does. Search engines are based on sophisticated algorithms and being listed at the top of search results is a complex task, further influenced by how a website is built and the type of content is has.

Every website Revolve develops is SEO friendly with proper meta-tags, content keywords, appropriate HTML and natural word URLs. We sometimes also go deeper into customizing Google website listings with Google Webmaster tools, robots.txt files and other tactics. Most websites are based on content management platforms with these SEO abilities built in. Every website needs to live on the web for a period of time to attach to Google’s spider indexes before it performs well on search rankings.

The most effective strategy for high search rankings is relevant content. Search engines score a site higher if it has a high frequency of visits, quality, relevant content with search keywords, other websites linking to it, people sharing your content via social media, etc. If you generate great, relevant content, our approach is to make sure it’s optimized for search indexing and easy user sharing.

Additional tactics will further improve search rankings, such as setting up Google Places, Google Plus pages, YouTube channels, Pinterest presences, Facebook business pages, etc. These secondary tactics constantly evolve and change. Ever since Google bought YouTube, videos in particular are very effective in driving organic search results and conversions. We generally recommend some combination of these when we develop a digital strategy that looks maximize the effectiveness of a website with all digital channels, like SEO, SEM and social media.

Sometimes the fastest method to get on top of Google search is to simply buy Google AdWords. This is especially true when a large competitor ranks high because they have more visits to their site, more keywords and other sites linking, etc. Google Adwords is fluid, with costs changing based on keyword demand. A great feature of Google Adwords is the ability to end a campaign based on budget instead of timeline.
We would engage our media planning team once the site is live to plan a Google Adwords campaign that is effective and affordable.

Remember that Google, Bing, and Yahoo constantly improve how their search engines work. For example, most people are not aware of what impact YouTube videos and active Google+ pages have on regular search engine results. We constantly monitor and evolve our methodology to achieve optimum results.

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