How Google Glass will change the world

glass_photos4-578-80How is GoogleGlass different from any other device?

GG is different because it’s ultra contextual and always on. This device does not stay in your pocket. It’s constantly on your head and aware of everything around you. Google will use all the sensory input of the device and combine it with predictive behavioral technology to provide hyper relevant info all the time.


Three ways GoogleGlass will change the digital world

1. Shift to predictive behavioral technology. We’ve already seen what Google can do with Android’s Google Now that predicts different types of info relevant at any point of time (e.g. bus schedule, what’s playing in the cinema, nearby restaurant). Take that one step further. The device will be able to cross-reference visual data with GPS to interpret faces, places, and more… all to provide you with all relevant info. For example, imagine walking into a meeting and GG matching faces with names (via access to your meeting Calendar plus Google+ or LinkedIn info) to tell you who’s who.

JetBlue find your flight-580-1002. Shift to subconcious listening apps. That’s right! Subconscious apps are apps that run in the background but surface info to the visual layer when relevant (e.g. alerts). Since the device is always on and always aware, it will can use available sensory data to organize things for you without your pressing, scrolling, or doing anything. This is bigger than calorie counting apps constantly monitoring your physical activity. Imagine going on a trip and coming home with a pre-made digital scrapbook, all automatically and intelligently created for you without a touch of a single button.

3. Shift to non-keyboard interfaces. Let’s face it: the keyboard is so overated. GG doesn’t have one. I’m hoping that instead of wearable Bluetooth keyboards, Google and other engineers will figure out how to use all the sensory data (voice, picture, movement) to allow us to do anything we want without the dreaded keyboard or even the GG slider interface. I would love to search for nearby restaurants just by talking and shaking my head.

Read more re Google’s predictive technology:

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