How EPOC Brain Reader will change the world

epocHow is EPOC brain reader different?
Let’s start with what EPOC reader is. Most of the world has been introduced to the EPOC brain reader device through Tan Lee’s TED video. This portable wearable device translates brain activity (thoughts / visualizations) into computer input. That’s pretty much it. Did you get it? I don’t think so. The impact and uses of such a device are totally astounding. Visualize something and your computer (and in future a robot) does it for you. That’s just the beginning. Just imagine the fact that you can control a technical device through a far more sophisticated interface than you keyboard or mouse or touch screen. Your commands can be far more complex and full of context.

Three ways it will change the digital world

1. Active brain control
What happens when you don’t need to use your extremities to do your bidding? Well, your computer will do it for you. Open windows, start your coffee makers, turn off your alarm clock and lots more all with just a few thoughts. No need to find your phone, unlock it, launch apps, then push buttons. Next, clear up you inbox simply by visualizing “read”, “next”, “later”, or “delete”.

2. Passive brain control
Another interesting application is how the device can control our environment passively. Imagine the device being able to interpret our mood and automatically adjust lighting or music you are listening to. Imagine this passive brain activity monitoring how tired we are, not intoxicated we are, how happy or sad we are, or even if we’re feeling sick.

3. Physical disabilities
I think the biggest revolution is the freedom this device will bring to people with severe physical disabilities. Their limitations can be overcome or at least assisted through this technology. Quadriplegic person can steer their wheel chair just by visualizing the direction they want to go to. A mute person can visualize emotions for the device to speak for them. This device would also gives us a better understanding of autism and other brain-related conditions.

4. Ultimate security
One more. The device maps out your complex brain. No two brains are alike. No two people visualize and think alike. This device totally beats all known security technology in confirming the wearer is who they truly are. You can’t cut off my head and stick into the device and bypass… no brain activity. You can’t force me to do something while wearing the device either. I can just as easily trigger an alarm just by thinking about it.

Next week I’ll prophesy about Apple iWatch

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