Book: Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Social-Media Crazed Teens

smteens “Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Social-Media Crazed Teens” available on iTunes and PDF (Free)

iTunes Version
PDF Version available for download

Do you parent or teach social media crazed teens? Are you confused how their cell phone becomes the dominant way they experience the world around them? We all fear this technology already makes us more disconnected from our kids. We fear how it will impact their personal and professional future. We fear we cannot effectively help them in their journey. We even fear for ourselves becoming more irrelevant and obsolete as the entire world is going digital. Let’s face it. We have been very negligent. Our lack of understanding about mobile and social media does not excuse us from any responsibility for our teen kids. How can we as parents and educators help our kids with something we often barely understand ourselves?

We as a human species are evolving how we communicate. What do you need when going through a tremendous period of change? I believe you need an open mind, a positive vision for the future and the courage to pursue it. Let us embrace this topic together and find out how to use this change to became something greater than what we are right now. At the end of the day, the most wonderful way you can help your teenager is to give them a vision of the future so inspiring, it eclipses this noisy world.

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