6 Forces Shaping Digital Revolution

3 Phases of Digital Revolution
History shows revolutions come in phases. Digital Revolution is no different. Phase 1 is Adaptation where we adapt current experiences / tools to new context (already done). Phase 2 is Innovation where we create new previously unknown experiences / tools (wrapping up). Phase 3 is … watch the video to find out:

Six Forces Are Shaping Digital Revolution Today
There are at least 6 forces that are shaping the digital revolution today: information overload, compression of life, fragmentation of experiences, integration of experiences, quest for relevance, and quest for profitability.

1. Info Overload
What happens when everyone can create and push their content? We learned how to do it ourselves. That’s not enough. Current 2nd phase of innovation focuses on creating extraordinary experiences to get above the noise.

2. Compression of Life
Everything is getting compressed: screens, budgets, timelines, patience. Just aggregating and organizing it is not enough. There is simply too much. Current 2nd phase of innovation focuses on strategically choosing (often programmatically) what to keep and what to ignore.

3. Fragmentation of Experiences
Our experiences are fragmented across multiple devices, content, and people. Creating optimized experiences for each is too much work now. There are too many. Current 2nd phase of innovation focuses on creating versatile experience that can exist across multiple devices, content, and people.

4. Integration of Experiences
Technology already allows for many of our devices to connect and interact with each other. Current 2nd phase of innovation focuses on architecting and amplifying single experiences using multiple devices (e.g. watching TV and running show mobile apps for richer experience).

5. Quest for Relevance
We are pass personalizing our content. There is too many choices and we don’t have the time. Current 2nd phase of innovation focuses on self-awareness, the ability for technology to be aware of our context / actions, to infer context, and present only what’s relevant (e.g. Google Now).

6. Quest for Profit
Ability to measure consumer behaviour is no longer enough. Metrics are loosing their meaning. Current 2nd phase of innovation is using big data as business intelligence to make key decisions. You need to model and project ROI ahead of time.

Unification is the 3rd Phase of Digital Revolution
Phase 1 is Adaptation / already done. Phase 2 is Innovation / wrapping up. Phase 3 is Unification / still to come. Unification is an stage of reclaiming sanity / purpose / relevance in a highly fragmented and overwhelmed world (sort of digital renaissance). The only thing that can provide unification are “human interfaces”, tech that taps directly into what we think / say / do to unify the world around us… brings order to all info, devices, and experiences. It will bring on a kind of Renaissance with human experience at the main focus. It will also birth the next Revolution (remains to be seen).

Let me know what you think!

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