3 dead guys, 4 laws, and the momentum of change

You’ve worked so hard at creating a change in your organization? How do you maintain or even increase the momentum? The novelty and initial excitement will fizz out. But here is some science to guide us.

1. When it comes to energy, Newton’s laws confirm that same as people’s excitement, energy is in constant process of stabilization and decay. Regarding maintaining change momentum, Newton’s law is simple: you have to keep adding energy.

2. Einstein as well ventured into analyzing momentum, particularly as an aspect of light. One of his famous conclusion that also holds true for people is changes in momentum are a product of force and frequency. His, law is simple enough: keep applying force and frequency to maintain or increase momentum.

3. Perhaps less commonly known but far more insightful was de Brownie who extended particle momentum theories to multi-particles. His theory simply stated that momentum is a product of masses and velocities of multiple particles.  The same theory makes sense for groups of people.  The larger the number of people propelled in a specific direction and faster they are moving,  the greater will the momentum be.

4. I believe de Broglie’s another theory of particle duality also applies to people. We can enact force independently but also as part of a wave with those that are connected to us. In fact this world has multiple waves of energy constantly effecting each other and effecting movement in many directions.

This is also where I want to end this short lesson. We are all affecting one another positively and negatively. Where is your momentum taking you? How much energy are you investing to go in the right direction.  More importantly, how are you effecting others?

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