Class 1 User Centric Design

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the value of goal-based design
  • Understanding the value of user perspective in design process
  • Understand key usability concepts
  • Ability to develop user test script and execute user test

Class Breakdown:

  1. Short intro (5-10 mins)
  2. Demonstrating a user test using a volunteer (20-25 mins)
  3. Deconstructing user test to communicate key concepts and components (25-30 mins)
  4. Students develop a user test script in groups of two (40-45 mins)
  5. Review key findings (10-15 mins)
  6. Students execute a user test on each other in different groups of two (40-45 mins)
  7. Review key findings (10-15 mins)
  8. Explain what will be covered in next 2 classes including grading (5-10 mins)

Assignment and Evaluation:

Relevant Resources

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