Class 2 Interface-Agnostic Approach to Design

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding how to plan and communicate human experiences through scripts, storyboards, and illustrations
  • Understanding how to plan and communicate interactions through story boards
  • Understanding how to translate storyboards into visual and non-visual interface components
  • Understanding key principles when combining multiple interactions into a single experience

Class Breakdown:

  1. Short intro (5-10 mins)
  2. Example 1: Atlantic Lottery Dome Experience (5-10 mins)
  3. Example 2: Nissan Autoshow 7+1 Wall Experience (5-10 mins)
  4. Example 3: TIMBER MART SharpShooter Facebook Game (5-10 mins)
  5. Deconstructing examples to explain the same key steps (25-30 mins)
  6. Students in groups of 3 select 1 of 2 mini-projects (below) and develop goals and scripts / illustrations to explain the experience (30-35 mins)
  7. Review key findings (10-15 mins)
  8. Students (same groups / mini-project) develop story board for a specific interactions (30-35 mins)
  9. Review key findings (10-15 mins)
  10. Closing remarks and explain next week’s assignment (10-15 mins)



  • Deliverables: Revised Goals + User Journey Script / Illustrations + Experience Story Board
  • Worth: 5% of total course grade
  • Due: Nov. 14 @ 9 AM ATL

Relevant Resources

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