Book Evolving the Agency Formula

After 15 years working for and evolving various marketing agencies I have come to the following conclusion: we are all crazy. We are still doing the same thing and expecting better results. Our market has evolved. Our customer has evolved. Our technology has evolved. Why are we still trying to use an antiquated agency framework? This book focuses on what is at the heart of every marketing agency and the fundamental basics we absolutely must evolve.

Forget everything you know about how to run an agency, about communication lines, about management, and about job descriptions. Throw it out the garbage, put gasoline on it, and set it on fire. Take all the ashes, pour gasoline on it again and light it again. Repeat it till you run out of gasoline. Then dig a big hole in an old abandoned cemetery and bury whatever is left there. Far away from any civilization. Now start fresh.

Download “Evolving the Agency Formula” book as PDF

Download “Evolving the Agency Formula” book on iTunes (Free)

Download “Evolving the Agency Formula” Cheatsheet (below) in high-res PDF

evolving agency infograph july12

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